Getting back up to speed: Re-building a global oil and gas workforce in the lower for longer oil price

09:00 - 09:30

Over the past two years, 100,000’s of jobs across the global oil and gas workforce have been cut. And now as the oil price starts to stabilise, and we look ahead to the next 5, 10, 20 years we are faced with a major challenge: namely, how to replace and grow our skilled local workforce to meet the demands of an evolving industry, and the accelerating development of a number of key projects.

Smartly designed education and training programmes and accelerated learning in the short term, and strategic investments in education aligned with establishing local partnerships for the long term will be key to success.

Led by senior level industry representatives, this high level panel will present strategic perspective and recommendations for meeting future global workforce demand.

Confirmed Speakers:
Eduardo Uribe, VP Sustainability Development & HSE, Ecopetrol
Harry Elsinga, VP HR, GE Oil & Gas
Lisa Ali, VP – HR – Upstream Talent & Learning, BP
Oliver Quinn, Director – Africa and Global New Ventures, Ophir

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