Education, Training & Employability: Practical recommendations for improving the employability of the local workforce

14:30 - 15:30

This highly practical workshop has been designed to collaboratively determine a number of success factors to improve the quality, quantity and sustainability of education, training and local workforce development outcomes and identify steps and recommendations on how they can be implemented.

Divided into working groups and led by senior representatives from government, industry, education, training and development we discuss:

  • Effective solutions to ensuring graduates are employable
  • How to increase and integrate practical training and apprenticeships
  • Creating a closer alignment with industry on curriculum development, training processes and assessment
  • Moving towards competency based education and training
  • Strategies for attracting youth and marginalised communities into the industry
  • Strategies to increase gender diversity within local workforces
  • Incorporating personal and behavioural skills into curriculums
  • Strategies to attract, train and retain teaching talent
  • Creating local ownership of education and training programmes
  • Developing leadership and management skills and increasing professional development programmes

Confirmed Speakers:

Kamel Brouri, Managing Director, Algerian Petroleum Institute (IAP)
Joke Van Wieringen, Learning & Development Manager, Kuwait Petroleum International
Olimpia Salas Guzman,
Specialist – Training & Career Development Group, KOC
Saeeid Safaee Movahed, Director Training & Development, Pars Oil & Gas Company
Saja AbdulRedha Salem,
Training Officer, Training & Career Development Group, KOC
Sergio Olivares,
Upstream Learning School Manager, Repsol
Zach Aman, Associate Professor, University of Western Australia

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