Diversity and Inclusion as a strategic business driver for the oil and gas industry

10:30 - 13:15

The future of the oil and gas industry relies heavily on its talent, on the diverse experiences, backgrounds and expertise of the current and future human capital. With diversity comes creativity, improved productivity and maximised cost efficiency. Currently the oil and gas industry’s talent pipeline is unsustainable with recruitment and retention in crisis. Through initiatives such MOL Group’s FEMME programmes and BP’s diversity and inclusion strategy, we will share experiences and practical tips for implementing mentoring programmes, leadership development programmes, graduate schemes and work placements. We discuss how these can support the attraction and retention of women within the energy sector, and how diversity and inclusion can be impactful to your business.

Confirmed Speakers
Becky Edwards, Chief Communications Officer, GE Oil & Gas
Peter Duff, Head of Diversity, BP
Reem Al Ghanim, Head Women Development & Diversity, Saudi Aramco
Zdravka Demeter Bubalo, VP HR, MOL Group

Beverley Smith, Director, POWERful Women

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