Achieving a competent and highly skilled local workforce and supply chain for projects in the MSGBC basin

09:30 - 10:30

The MSGBC basin presents an exciting frontier market in West Africa, and with it a massive need to up-skill and train the local workforce and supply chain to maximise the economic benefit from projects.

Quantifying the skills and manpower required across professional and technical disciplines, determining timescales and knowing where these skills will be needed is an important first step.

And a high level of coordination among the governments, IOCs, contractors, education institutions, and their existing and new international partners will be crucial to achieving a local solution to the huge opportunities presented by the projects across the basin.

Specifically, this solution focused workshop will discuss:

  • Building the capacity of local universities and colleges to develop local skills in business, engineering, geoscience and across the technical and vocational workforce
  • How to ensure the workforce is field-ready, including the development of soft skills, and access to field and practical experience
  • Developing English language skills for a safe and competent workforce
  • Best practice for local enterprise development programmes to maximise the wider economic benefit from oil/gas projects
  • Developing research capacity within local education institutions

Opportunities for international education and training partners to contribute to the localisation agenda of nations in the MSGBC basin.

Confirmed Speakers:
H.E. Mohamed Abdel Ould Vetah, Minister of Petroleum, Energy & Mining, Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Ben Clube, Executive Director & COO, FAR Ltd.
Diakaria Koulibaly, CEO, ONAP
Emma Delaney, CEO Senegal & Mauritania, BP
Mamadou Faye, Managing Director, Petrosen
Ousmane Ndiaye
, Permanent Secretary, COS- PETROGAZ
Rogers Beall, Chairman, Africa Fortesa Corp

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