Getenergy speaks to Josphine Wapakabulo, the CEO of the Uganda National Oil Company ahead of the Getenergy Global event where Josphine will speaking.

What is your role at UNOC and in the Ugandan oil/gas industry more broadly?

UNOC is the commercial arm of the Uganda government in the Oil & Gas sector, and will operate across the entire value chain. My role as CEO is to ensure the smooth and effective running of UNOC through strategic planning and delivering on clearly defined short term, medium term and long term goals for the company. It is important to build a strong foundation from which all current and future employees will benefit. As a company we will invest in people through talent acquisition, building their capacity and fostering a culture of innovativeness.

What do you believe is the greatest challenge to Uganda’s oil/gas industry future growth?

One area that has been and will continue to be a challenge is the Environment. Most of the oil and gas activities are within eco-sensitive areas. We need innovative ways of minimising the impact to the environment. Already policies such as the zero flaring have been put in place by the Government. Companies have also proposed innovative ways of minimizing drilling waste through cuttings re-injection. A lot of waste will be generated and needs to be handled in a prudent manner and we plan to adopt a continuous improvement approach to addressing these issues, building on the work that has already started.

What are the strategic priorities for your organisation in the next 12 months?

As a start-up company we have 3 strategic themes for the next 5 years:

  1. Invest in people – An empowered workforce, within UNOC and all UNOC Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries, focused on continuous improvement of themselves and the organisations.
  2. Build the business – Fit for purpose systems, processes, policies and procedures resulting in operational excellence (safe, efficient, effective, compliant, self-sustaining cashflow) underpinned by international standards and best practice.
  3. Partner Strategically – Long term relationships built on synergies that deliver on projects as planned, create commercial benefits, share risks and ultimately transfer knowledge and build national capacity.

Focusing on these themes will fulfil our mission of driving sustainable growth of the Uganda Oil & Gas sector through strategic partnerships and championing national participation, our ultimate vision being an innovative and profitable company that operates across the petroleum value chain for the benefit of all Ugandans.

How would you describe your organisation in one sentence to a new client/partner/investor?

UNOC is a private limited company operating across the entire petroleum value chain, committed to maximising returns of Uganda’s hydrocarbon resources in a sustainable and socially responsible manner

What takeaways would you like attendees at our Global Event to go home with regarding your organisation and your work in Uganda?

We are a start-up company with big dreams. We will seek strategic partnerships for our investments across the value chain to leap frog ourselves into a competitive position in the oil and gas industry. We maximize value for our shareholders whilst championing national content in a nascent oil and gas industry. We are your Partners in Uganda’s Oil and gas industry.

What is your proudest work-related achievement to date?

The UNOC team we have recruited, we are a small but growing team, and it’s great to see Ugandans like myself fully engaged and committed to seeing our country succeed in this sector.

What advice would you pass onto someone wishing to work in oil & gas in Uganda?

UNOC is the place for any ambitious, energetic, innovative person to be. Our values are Safety first, Concern for the environment, Integrity, Continuous improvement, Teamwork, Innovation and People orientation.

Name one interesting fact about you that no one would suspect?

I lived in Papua New Guinea from the age of 2 to 10 and could speak the local Pidgin English, I can still string a few sentences together!

Josephine will be one of the government speakers at Getenergy Global on the 7th-9th May and will be held at the Business Design Centre in London.Click on the image on the right to get a copy of the brochure for more information.